Weddings at Hotel Cala di Volpe, a Luxury Collection Hotel, Costa Smeralda

Costa Smeralda  •  07020 Porto Cervo  •  IT  •  Phone: ‎(39)(0789) 976111
Contact: ,, Event Sales Office, ‎+39 (0789) 939416

Celebrate your wedding in a stunning location. Sardinia, the island of longevity, conceals the exclusive Costa Smeralda: pristine beaches, crystal turquoise waters and luxury amenities for your most special day.

The Foyer, taking advantage of natural daylight, offers bride and groom an elegant and polished atmosphere. The Foyer is the perfect location for your weddings, featuring 85 m² of space for your guests and celebrations.


Room Size
12.7m x 6.7m
Floor space
Ceiling Height
Max. Capacity
Room setups
Room setups
Room setups Max. Capacity